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Development History

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1996: BACL USA was established in Silicon Valley, USA.

2001: BACL Shenzhen LAB founded.

2002: BACL Beijing, Shanghai offices established.

2008: BACL Chengdu, Xiamen LAB founded.

2010: BACL Dongguan LAB founded.

In June 2012, BACL Hong Kong office established.

In August 2012, Shenzhen Bay Area Test Equipment Inc. founded.

2014: BACL Kunshan LAB founded.

2015: BACL Jinjiang , Putian office established, and BACL Taiwan Xizhi LAB founded.

In March 2016, BACL Singapore Office established.

In May 2016, Bay Area Metrology Services (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. founded.

2017: BACL Taiwan Linkou LAB founded.

2018: BACL Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wenzhou office established, and BACL Korea, Vietnam LAB founded.

In January 2019, BACL Chongqing, Ningbo office established.

In April 2019, BACL Software company founded.

In February 2020, BACL Saudi, Egypt, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico office established. And BACL Songshan Lake LAB founded.

In April 2020, BACL wholly acquired Shenzhen Accurate Technology Co., Ltd. ("ATC"), In November of the same year, ATC Baoan branch was established.

In March 2021, BACL Australia, Philippines, Europe, Changsha, Yiyang office established.

In June 2021, Bay Area Laboratory Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. founded.

Future: Keep expanding, Never stop!