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Company Information

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Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corp. (BACL for short), founded in 1996 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, is a comprehensive Third-Party testing and certification body, and integrated Testing, Certification, Inspection, Equipment, Calibration, Laboratory Counseling, Software design and Technical consulting and etc. For more than 20 years, BACL has always been committed to providing comprehensive one-stop testing and certification solutions for global import and export enterprises with the concept of "Professional, Authoritative, Efficient and Convenient", and has won the trust of many domestic and foreign enterprise customers with high-quality services. BACL currently has more than 2000 employees worldwide, more than 10+ comprehensive labs, and more than 40+ branches in Asia, South America, Africa, the Middle East and other regions have set up local service offices. We can provide EMC, RF, Telecom, Physical and Chemical, Reliability, Safety, Energy Efficiency, Inspection, International Certification and other one-stop certification testing services for all kinds of consumer goods. Relying on the worldwide service network, BACL will continue to escort your products to the world! In the future, BACL will witness with you!

BACL has been recognized by a number of authorities, including:  IECEE CB NCB and CBTL double Authorized, U.S. OSHA recognized safety certification body (CB102, TL730, TL792, TL796, TL360), U.S. FCC TCB certification body, Canada SCC recognized safety certification body and NRCan certification body, U.S. EPA recognized Energy Star certification body and test laboratory, Assessment body recognized by UKCA(AB Number: AB 1313), Egypt Wireless Communications Authority NTRA four Class A certification body, Egypt GOEIC certification and inspection body, Taiwan NCC certification body, Canadian ISED certification body, Hong Kong OFCA certification body, Singapore IMDA certification body, Singapore NEA accredited testing laboratory, US NVLAP (Lab Code: 200707-0), A2LA (Certificate No.: 3297.01, 3297.02, 3297.03, 4297.01), IAS, UK UKAS (Lab No.: 7827), SABS of South Africa, CNAS of China (Registration Number: L2408, L5662, L3193, L11432, L10924, IB0343), CMA (No. 2016192126Z, 2015192413Z), AQSIQ, Taiwan TAF (No.: 3732,3546), Hong Kong EMSD, etc., and is also a Lab Central-SPN testing and certification service provider recommended by Amazon and APASS testing Laboratory for Amazon packaging certification. (More authorized content please see: http://www.baclcorp.com.cn/list.asp?para=en_1_107)