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BACL's Advantages for North & South America Certification!
Publisher:Admin  Source:  Date:2022/6/22

★ Chile

1. SEC (Superintendence of Electricity and Combustible Fuels)

SEC regulates safety and energy efficiency aspect of below products:

• Household and similar electrical appliances

• Electric Cables

• Portable heating tools and similar appliances

• Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus

• Hand-held motor-operated electric tools

• Lighting

• Measuring instruments

• Low tension materials

• Rotating machines

Before the products are sold to Chilean market, they must obtain SEC certificate, SEC QR code and Energy Efficiency certificate.


BACL Advantages:

• No local test

You can avoid local testing by using BACL Shenzhen’s test report under standard IEC 60065:2005(electrical safety) and IEC 62301:2005 / NCh 3107. Of 2008(energy efficiency) to apply for SEC certificate, SEC QR code and energy efficiency certificate.

• Faster lead time

Validation of BACL test reports will only take 3-4 business days.


2. SUBTEL (Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones)

SUBTEL regulates products using radio frequency, cellular, or satellite technologies which include:

• Portable transceivers

• Remote radio controls

• Wireless microphones

• Wireless telephones, including some DECT systems

• RFID equipment

• Radio alarms

• Communication systems for medical implantation

• Other equipment used for medical applications

• Equipment used as radar systems in vehicles

• Zigbee devices

Worldwide manufacturers are obliged to comply with SUBTEL requirements to sell telecom and other wireless devices in Chile.

BACL is your one stop service where we can provide comprehensive testing and certification services to acquire SUBTEL approval with recognized services to ensure smooth and fast certification.


1. NOM (Norma Official Mexicana)

All electrical products imported into Mexico must meet NOM requirements. There are several requirements to obtain NOM approval:

• Local testing

• Certification Body has to be involved for certification process

• Local representative / importer is required

BACL has partnered with NYCE and ANCE to assist you with type approval or safety approval projects in Mexico as well as energy efficiency certification.

2. IFT (Instituto Federal De Telecomunicaciones 

IFT certification is applicable to any product that uses a frequency to transmit and/or receive, and telecom products that connect to satellites, the PSTN, or public network. On December 27, 2021, IFT updated the Conformity Assessment Procedures (CAP) which will come into force on June 25, 2022. Below are the main points:

• Local importers or distributors will be allowed to use a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued to another local company, such as the manufacturer’s local office

• Test report validity has been extended to 120 days

Please contact us for more details.



1. ANATEL (AgênciaNacional De Telecomunicações)

A certification of radio products for the Brazilian market is based on an approval from the local authority, AgênciaNacional De Telecomunicações (ANATEL). ANATEL divides the product to three different categories:

• Category I includes end user products, such as mobile phones, lithium battery and chargers for cell phone, and modems: the certificate for this product is only valid for one year and renewal is allowed with unchanged devices.

• Category II includes products that use radio frequency (RF), such as radio broadcasting equipment, antennas, and Wi-Fi network equipment: the approval is valid for a total of two years and can be renewed as well.

• Category III includes products such as cable connectors and fiber optic cables: the product is permanently approved for the Brazilian market.

For all three categories, the approval required local testing and a local representative must be involved in certification process. The final ANATEL certificate is carried out by a Designated Certification Body (OCD).

BACL partnered with Brazil local laboratories and OCD to support you through the whole ANATEL certification process with fastest lead time and low price.


The National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO) regulates the implementation of safety and quality measurement of electrical and electronic products. Below are the main products regulated by INMETRO:

• Switches, plugs and sockets

• Electronic ballast

• Wires and cables

• Home appliances

• IT equipment, etc.

BACL provides all the necessary services for INMETRO compliance including local testing, factory inspection, customer service audit and other technical evaluation to ensure your products can enter Brazilian market smoothly.

BACL Service:

BACL can provide you efficient and reliable global market certification services, such as IECEE CB Scheme NCB and CBTL, United States(NRTL, FCC, ENERGY STAR), Canada(ISED, SCC), EU(CE), United Kingdom (UKCA AB & AOC), Northern Ireland(UKNI), Korea(KC), Japan(MIC), Singapore(IMDA), Hong Kong(OFCA), Taiwan (NCC, BSMI), Egypt (NTRA, GOEIC), South Africa(SABS), Vietnam (MIC), Saudi Arabia (SASO, CITC), Philippines (NTC), Thailand (NBTC), Malaysia (SIRIM), India(BIS, WPC, TEC)and other services to assure your products still smoothly entering into the international trade market even when the international trade barriers are becoming increasingly fierce.