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EN55035, the New Standard of EU RED / EMCD Directive, Was Officially Launched
Publisher:Admin  Source:  Date:2017/12/12

2017 multimedia technology multimedia standard (multimedia equipment) based on CISPR 35: 2016 revision of EN55035, will replace the previous EN55020 and EN55024 standards for multi-media equipment,and it has been included in the list of harmonized standards for RED 2014/53 / EU on November 17, 2017 and will soon be included under the EMCD 2014/30 / EU directive. In other words, multimedia and information technology and communication products can now apply for EN55035 testing and certification. What is the difference between this standard and EN55020 & EN55024? The following will take you to quickly and accurately understand EN55035.


EN55035 Applicable product range:

Multimedia standards include the former EN55020 (AV) products and EN55024 (ITE) products, also includes professional-use multimedia products.


EN55035 Detailed test requirements:

The EN55035 test requirements are not a simple overlay of the EN55020 and EN55024 test requirements, following we clearly understand EN55035 by comparing the requirements of key test projects:

1. Requirements of the same test items between EN55035 and EN55020& EN55024:


2. Requirements of the different test items between EN55035 and EN55020& EN55024:


3. EN55035 new test items:



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