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Radio Frequency Laboratory

BACL radio frequency laboratory has a senior and efficient team of wireless communication technology engineers, especially with many years of rich testing experience in Bluetooth, WiFi, Walkie talkie, GSM / WCDMA / LTE and other fields. It is always close to the future development trend of electronic products and master the first-hand information of industry development. The laboratory is equipped with German R & S The radio frequency testing equipment of international well-known manufacturers such as Keysight and Aeroflex in the United States currently has nine FCC, ISED and other authorized testing laboratories in the United States, Shenzhen (Futian / Nanshan / Bao'an), Dongguan, Taiwan (Xizhi / Linkou), Chengdu and Kunshan, which can provide customers with one-stop testing and certification solutions. BACL, as one of the FCC TCB institutions recognized by A2LA in the United States, can directly issue FCC ID certificate and network access number of communication products. At the same time, it is also the highest level NB notification institution of EU CE EMCD & RED, UK UKCA, Canada ISED, Australia NATA RTA, Japan MIC, Singapore IMDA, Hong Kong OFCA, Egypt NTRA & GOEIC, South Korea KC, China CNAS & CMA and other accredited laboratories, which can help the electronic products of many enterprises at home and abroad quickly gain global market access.


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Service Items

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Service Scope

1. Test wireless communication products according to European ETSI standards, American FCC standards and standards of other countries, such as Australia, China, Singapore and Japan;

2. Electromagnetic compatibility test;

3. Product radiation absorptivity (SAR) ;

4. Electrical safety and health protection test;

5. Provide global international certifications such as FCC, ISED, RCM, MIC and SRRC;

6. Consultation and training on national technical standards.


Detection Capability

• Dynamic frequency selection (DFS) test                                          • RF test of millimeter wave wireless products

• Adaptive testing                                                                                • Radiation stray test

• SAR test                                                                                           • HAC test

• Transmission power test (conduction method, radiation method)    • Transmit adjacent channel and secondary adjacent

                                                                                                              channel power test

• Transmission bandwidth test                                                            • Transmission spectrum characteristic test

• Measurement of transmission frequency error and phase error      • Emission conduction stray test

• Received adjacent channel selection test                                        • Received signal blocking test

• Received co frequency suppression test                                         • Received intermodulation suppression test

• Received maximum available sensitivity test                                   • Internet of things equipment NB lot, LTE CAT-M1,

                                                                                                              LTE CAT 1 test


 RF 2.jpg

Product Range

1. Short Distance Wireless Remote Control Products

Product Range: NFC, RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRa, ZigBee, ANT/ANT+, Zwave, UWB, Wireless Charging, Remote Control Products, Baby Monitor, etc.

Test Standards: EN 300 220-1/-2/-3/-4, EN 300 330, EN 300 440, EN 300 328, EN 301 357, EN 301 893, EN 302 502, FCC Part 15C, FCC Part 15.247, FCC Part 15.407, RSS-210/247/310, etc.


2. Broadcast Communication

Product Range: AM/FM Radio, Radio Transmitter, Wireless Microphone, etc.

Test Standards: EN 303 345-1/2/3/4/5, FCC Part 73, FCC Part 74, etc.


3. Mobile Communication

Product Range: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G(Mobile Phone, Tablet, Handheld Terminal, Router, etc.)

Test Standards: EN 301 511, EN 301 908-1/-2/-13/-25, FCC Part 22H/24E/27/90, RSS-130/132/133/139/199, etc.



Product Range: Interphone, Repeater and Other Products for TETRA Technology.

Test Standards: EN 300 394, EN 300 392, EN 300 396, EN 303 035, FCC Part 90, RSS-119, etc.


5. Walkie Talkie

Product Range: Civil Walkie Talkie, Professional Walkie Talkie, Maritime Walkie Talkie, etc.

Test Standards: EN 300 086, EN 300 296, EN 303 405, EN 301 113, FCC Part 22/74/80/90/95, RSS-210, RSS-119 etc.


6. Wi-Fi 6E

Product Range: Mobile Phone, Router, Optical Fiber Gateway, HDTV, Computer, etc.

Test Standards: RSS-247/248, FCC Part 15.407, EN 303 687 etc.


7. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)

Product Range: GPS, BDS, Galileo GLONASS, SBAS products, etc.

Test Standards: EN 303 413, FCC Part 15B, ICES-003 etc.


8. Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT)

Product Range: Cordless Telephone and Voice Monitor Products for DECT Technology.

Test Standards: EN 301 406, Part 15D, RSS-213, etc.


9. Repeater, Amplifier, Base Station

Product Range: Repeater, amplifier and base station of 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G technology.

Test Standards: EN 303 609, EN 301 908-11/15/24, FCC Part 20, EN 301 908-1, etc.


10. NB-IoT/Cat-M

Product Range: Narrowband Internet of things

Test Standards: EN 301 908-1/-13, FCC Part 22H/24E/27, RSS-130/132/133/139/199, etc.


11. Dynamic Frency Selection (DFS) 

Product Range: 5G Wi-Fi products with DFS frequency band, etc.

Test Standards: EN 301 893, FCC Part 15.407, Japan DFS, etc.


12. Ultra Wideband Equipment(UWB)

Product Range: UWB communication application, UWB presence detection application, UWB contactless vital signs, UWB tracking / keyless entry, UWB material sensing equipment for building material analysis, UWB material sensing equipment for safety scanning, ground humidity and condition sensor, UWB contactless external material sensing equipment in ground vehicle environment Ground detection and wall detection radar, tank liquid level detection radar, millimeter wave communication and radio measurement, liquid level detection radar, ground-based synthetic aperture radar, etc.

Test Standards: EN 302 372, EN 302 066, EN 302 729, EN 303 661, EN 302 065-1/-2/3/4, EN 305 550 Series, FCC Part 15F, RSS-220 etc.

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