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Wi-Fi 6E Laboratory

Wi-Fi 6E is a new field of Wi-Fi 6 technology, which can operate at 9.6Gbps in the 6GHz band. "E" in Wi-Fi 6E means extended, which refers to the extension of the available frequency range. Wi-Fi 5 uses frequencies in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Wi-Fi 6E is extended to 6GHz band. Wi-Fi 5 can achieve a maximum throughput of 3.5Gbps, while Wi-Fi 6E can achieve a speed of 9.6Gbps. Wi-Fi 6E can provide wider bandwidth and overall network improvement for the latest Wi-Fi devices. With the new Wi-Fi 6E technology innovation and the accelerated launch of products, it is very important for customers to successfully bring future oriented wireless products to the market. BACL, as one of the FCC TCB institutions recognized by A2LA, the highest level NB notification institution of CE EMCD & RED in the European Union, and accredited laboratories such as UKCA in the UK, ISED in Canada, NATA RTA in Australia, MIC in Japan and IMDA in Singapore, has accumulated rich testing and certification experience in the field of wireless products for many years. With comprehensive technical capabilities and global service network, It can provide one-stop testing and certification services for customers' Wi-Fi 6E wireless products, and help customers timely solve the urgent needs of product quality and safety, so as to meet the regulatory requirements of the global market and smoothly enter the global target market for sales!


1. Usage and Specific Frequency Band of Wi-Fi 6E

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2. Testing Requirements for US Certification

Test standards: 47 CFR Part 15.407, KDB 987594 D01, KDB 987594 D02, etc.

Test items: Maximum EIRP (DBM), power spectral density (DBM / MHz), antenna elevation (DBM) with EIRP higher than 30 degrees, basic bandwidth, automatic frequency coordination (AFC), transmission outside 6GHz frequency band (EIRP) (unrestricted frequency band), channel shielding, channel competition protocol, geographic positioning capability, etc.


Product Type Division:

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3. Test Requirements for EU Certification

Test standards: ETSI EN 303 687 etc.

Test items: Nominal center frequency and nominal bandwidth, RF output power (EIRP, DBM), power density (EIRP, DBM / MHz), out of band transmission, transmission spurious, in band transmission, reception spurious, adaptability, short control signal, receiver blocking, receiver blocking, receiver adjacent channel selectivity, power supply, antenna design, etc.


Product Type Division:

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