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SAR Laboratory

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), electromagnetic wave absorption ratio or specific absorption rate, and excessive electromagnetic radiation from wireless communication terminals will have a certain impact on human health. Therefore, government departments and telecommunications regulatory agencies of various countries have issued corresponding regulations on electromagnetic radiation to limit the electromagnetic radiation of wireless products within the safe range of impact on human body.


BACL laboratory adopts Dasy52 and Dasy6 test systems manufactured by the world's leading Swiss SPEAG company, which are fast, accurate and efficient. The test frequency band covers 150MHz-7.2GHz, and fully meets the SAR detection standards and requirements of European and American RF communication products such as IEC 62209-1, IEC 62209-2 and IEC / IEEE 62209-1528. With rich testing experience and perfect authorization qualification, BACL can provide you with professional SAR testing services.

Product Range: Mobile phone (2G, 3G, LTE, 5G), interphone (UHF, VHF band), wireless WiFi 2.4/5GHz band (802.11a, b, g, n, ac, ax) / bluetooth, portable mobile communication equipment (such as Notebook Computer), wireless network card, watch mobile phone, MID, DECT technology products, etc.

Test Standards: IEC/EN 62209-1, IEC/EN 62209-2, IEC/IEEE 62209-1528, EN 50360, EN 50566, EN 62311, RSS-102, FCC Part 2.1093, etc.


HAC Test Service

HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibility) certification, is an authentication of whether there will be interference between digital mobile phones and nearby hearing aids during communication. FCC of the United States enforces HAC certification plan for mobile phone manufacturers, and the reference standard is ANSI C63.19 (American national standard method for measuring the compatibility between wireless communication equipment and hearing aids). According to the standard definition, consumers can judge the compatibility between a certain type of hearing aid and a mobile phone by the anti-interference level of the hearing aid and the corresponding signal transmission level of the mobile phone.


The HAC test plan requires that the limit of the tested mobile phone is M3 (the test result is M1 ~ M4). In addition to HAC, T-coi I (Audio test) must also require the limit value to be within the range of T3 (the test result is T1 - T4).


BACL can provide you with all the HAC test items required by wireless communication standards:

• RF Electric-field emissions

• RF Magnetic-field emissions

• T-coil mode, magnetic-signal strength in the audio band

• T-coil mode, magnetic-signal frequency response through the audio band

• T-coil mode, magnetic-signal and noise articulation index

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